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All We Need Is Love
Credit: Benedikt Schnermann

Stefanie Heinzmann, die Pop- und Soulsängerin aus der Schweiz ist zurück – mit frischer Kraft und neuen Live-Terminen. „In den letzten Jahren ist viel passiert“, sagt die mit unzähligen Musik-Awards gekürte 29-Jährige. Die Schweizerin feierte 2018 ihr 10-jähriges Bühnenjubiläum und gönnte sich erstmalig eine kleine Auszeit. Ihr im Frühjahr 2019 erscheinendes Album „All We Need Is Love“ ist Ergebnis, Erkenntnis und Empfehlung aus dieser Zeit. Der vorausgesandte Song „Build A House” - zusammen mit dem DJ Alle Farben - war das erste Lebenszeichen der Musikerin nach über drei Jahren: „Über den Dance-Pop-Sound werden sich einige gewundert haben, aber für mich als Künstlerin ist es ein großartiges Gefühl, mit dieser Single auch einmal eine andere Seite zeigen zu dürfen.“ Im November 2019 stellt Stefanie Heinzmann ihr neues Album mit ihrer großartigen Band in Deutschland, Österreich, der Schweiz und Luxemburg live vor. Der exklusive Vorverkauf startet am 30.11.2018 unter


South London singer/songwriter Jake Isaac is an undoubtedly a young soul who produces timeless music, captivating listeners the world over with stellar singles like “I’m a Man” and “Waiting Here”. Not making us wait long for new material, he unveils the gorgeous new track “10 Steps To Heaven” featuring the talented Andreya Triana.

Beautifully solemn, “10 Steps To Heaven” displays the full depth of Isaac’s artistry. He approaches the minimal, piano led canvas with poignant and uplifting lyrics - his undeniable vocals accompanied by the brilliant Andreya Triana who adds colour and context to the song. With the piano gradually swelling with choral echoes to its spirited conclusion, this latest release reflects the compelling journey of emotions that our protagonists are endeavouring to share.

Speaking on his latest single, Jake shared: "I started this song about 4 years ago and all I had was the song title and the piano progression. If I’m honest I was scared to finish it, because it felt so much bigger than me lol! I decided to pull myself together earlier this year and crazily ended up writing it in 3 hours one summers morning. After writing it, my first thought was I need to share this with someone...Andreya Triana, I think her voice and her art is insane! I dropped her a text, for some nuts reason she agreed, couple months later here we are!"

With equal excitement, Andreya adds; “It was an absolute pleasure working with Jake on ’10 Steps To Heaven’. He excitedly text me asking if I’d like to guest on the track and once I’d heard the first ten seconds and I was in! I really loved the feeling and sentiment and it really felt like something I could relate to.”

Having initially made a name for himself as a session musician playing for established names, he soon took to song writing, eventually landing his first major festival opening The Other Stage at Glastonbury. Isaac has since worked with and supported Ella Eyre, Paloma Faith, Julia Stone, and Elton John himself. Now, his latest collaborative effort comes as a duo with Andreya, a seasoned artist and vocalist who has produced three critically acclaimed albums and is a favoured song writing partner to the likes of Bonobo and Flying Lotus. The pair combining forces is a welcomed treat for fans of both artists and serves as a landmark in the careers of these phenomenal talents.
Sun 17.11.2019   Frankfurt/Main
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