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Kings Today Tour 2022
offizielles Statement der Band:

Liebe Fans, Freunde und Metalheads,

wir haben wirklich bis zuletzt gekämpft, zumindest die Deutschland-Shows zu spielen, aber die aktuellen Rahmenbedingungen lassen es leider nicht zu. Es wurden nun zwar die Publikumskapazitäten erhöht, dafür aber der Ausschank verboten. Doch auch die Veranstalter müssen von etwas leben.
Somit sind innerhalb der letzten Woche wieder mehr und mehr Venues weggebrochen, weil sie es sich einfach nicht leisten können, "Just for Fun" die Türen zu öffnen.

Wir wollen an dieser Stelle allen Promotern, Veranstaltern und unserer Bookingagentur - NineLives Entertrainment & All Access - danken, dass sie in solch kurzer Zeit neue Termine finden konnten und somit unseren Fans das elendige Ticketumtauschen ersparen.

Denn unsere Tickets behalten selbstverständlich ihre Gültigkeit!

Auch an unsere Fans wollen wir ein paar Worte richten: Wir sind froh, solche Fans wie euch zu haben und wir werden besser und wuchtiger auf die Bühne zurückkehren als je zuvor - es wird einem Donnerschlag gleichen!
Stay tuned, rock on ... wir sehen uns Ende des Jahres.

Serious Black


For Fans of: Avantasia, Helloween, Masterplan, Stratovarius:

The 5th studio album "Vengeance Is Mine" of the Munich melodic/power metal heroes SERIOUS BLACK will be released on February 25. The new single and the video for "Out Of The Ashes" was recently released and immediately entered the charts at all streaming services.

Magical Heart (D)
Seven Thorns (DK)

Kings Today Tour will happen – rescheduled dates – covid-compliant

Despite all current circumstances, SERIOUS BLACK do their thing. The situation for musicians, artists and the entire event industry with millions of jobs still is existentially threatening and no recovery in sight. Therefore the power metal outfit wants to set an example and likes to entrain and elate their fans during that times with playing their music live with strict and required rules for that shows.

The band refuses to cancel all their shows and therefore put all efforts in rescheduling some gigs with their booking agency, venues and promoters to be able to at least tour all regions possible. At the moment it’s possible in Germany and Spain for February and March 2022 (please find all dates below). Of course, all concerts will happen under strict compliance of recent regulations, that means, limited capacities, distance-keeping & hygiene measures.

The band states: first of all we want to make clear, we dont do this tour for money and its also no anticorona shitstorm, NO we want just to start in the new year 2022 with a little bit of freedom, live music and fun . “Our fans and our crew are the most important people to us, so we want to let them know, that we would not risk their health at any point. We are in close communication with each local promoter and therefore also the public health departments. We fight mightily for bringing band music onto stages wherever possible!”
Get your tickets and be part of a this heavy metal concerts.
Please check out our networks, Facebook, Instagram and Homepage, cause in this times, changes could happen daily.

All the best rock on stay tuned and cu live
Serious Black
Ramy , Mario , Nikola, Dominik and Bob

One of the new songs of the upcoming SERIOUS BLACK longplayer, Vengeance Is Mine, is appropriately titled "Album Of Our Life" and thus hits the nail on the head in several respects. For on the one hand, the melodic metal formation around bassist and founder Mario Lochert has succeeded in creating what is probably the most powerful and imaginative work of their career to date, with consistently blistering guitar riffs, driving grooves and anthemic melodies, and on the other hand, lyrically it also goes to previously unexplored depths for the band. "Like never before, this time I've allowed insights into my inner and private life, that is: how I think, how I feel, how I am, and how difficult it can be to keep a band going when you're not doing well yourself." Lochert reveals. "The lyrics on 'Vengeance Is Mine' reflect the past four or five years. This in turn, of course, had an impact on the songwriting, which has become even more intense and emotional."
Vengeance Is Mine will be released on 02/25/2022 via AFM Records, and is also a debut for new SERIOUS BLACK vocalist Nikola Mijić! With his vocal power and an expressive timbre, the rapid riffs and hooks of guitarist Dominik Sebastian, the grooves of drummer Ramy Ali and the varied songwriting of bassist Mario Lochert, Vengeance Is Mine advances to a prime example of a deeply melodic and at the same time powerfully dynamic metal album.
But convince yourself: After the recently released first singles for "The Story", "Rock With Us Tonight", and "Senso Della Vita", SERIOUS BLACK have put a new single and a brand new video "Out Of The Ashes" online on Jan. 14, 2022!
Thu 08.12.2022   Frankfurt/Main
verschoben vom 07.10.20 auf den 09.02.22 und erneut auf den 08.12.2022. Tickets behalten ihre Gültigkeit!
Das Konzert findet unter den am Konzertabend gültigen Coronabestimmungen statt.

Weitere Hinweise zu den aktuellen Regelungen sind rechts auf der Seite unter HYGIENEREGELN- UND WICHTIGE HINWEISE zu finden:
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