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Living fossils are, by common definition, organisms that have remained essentially unchanged since the dawn of time. Examples are the horseshoe crab, the ginkgo tree and, of course, Tankard. For 40 years, the Frankfurt-based beer metal crew is praising booze and easy living with their mighty gospel, a most unlikely success story that began four decades ago and culminated in a fossil of an extinct species of starfish officially being named after them: Ophiura tankardi. This is a story of close comradeship, of thirst eternal, of four heavy metal vanguards dipping their toes into an ocean of booze, testing how far they can go. This is the story of Tankard.

It started a long time ago in the year 1982. The scene is Goethe-Gymnasium in Frankfurt. Heavy metal is still a relatively young thing. Only a couple of years ago, classes were torn apart by music. In one corner of the ring: Smokie fans. In the other: ABBA. Childhood friends Andreas “Gerre” Geremia and Frank Thorwarth (whose last name, coincidentally, is just a weird German spelling of goalkeeper) will years later coin the bonmot “From Frankfurt to Frisco we destroy every disco” which should make clear which side they are on.

Even after 40 steamrolling, liver wrecking, gut stretching years in the name of heavy metal, the Tankard beer train isn’t slowing down. Right in time for the festivities surrounding their 40th birthday, our most favourite Frankfurters let “Pawlow’s Dawgs” off the leash, their 18th overall record and debut for new label amigos Reaper Entertainment. Produced and recorded at Gernhard Studio Troisdorf again together with Martin Buchwalter. The taps are polished, the Freibier is flowing and Tankard are finally back to what they do best five long years after their last studio album: Thrashing madly, drinking thirstily and ever so cleverly intertwining metal, humour and sarcastic social commentary into one big raucous ball of entertainment. Just like they did all these years ago in a classroom where they drank beer out of emptied milk cartons. All hail Tankard. All hail the dawgs. The world is a better place with capital guys like them waiting at the bar.

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